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Ignite is a group of creative professionals who wake up each morning driven to make your business a success.


Your logo is your business identity. You use it every time you present your company to potential clients, and your identity should convey that you deserve the big contracts. We've designed logos for every type of business - oilfield, corporate, legal, fairs and festivals, non-profits, construction and more - and we know how to appeal to your specific clientele. Because no one knows your business better than you, we involve you in every step of the design process and give you multiple drafts to choose from at every stage. Our logos come complete with a branding guide featuring all the necessary versions of your logo and custom-selected color palettes to use in your branding.



Your business card is probably the smallest piece of marketing you'll ever give out, but it is so often the first and most lasting impression you make with someone. That's why Ignite can help you develop the message and look that positions your business for the future. Then we can set you up with the business cards, brochures, banners and promotional items that make up your identity.


Let Ignite help you to put your website to work for you. You should think of your site more as an employee than as a brochure - it needs to be filling a valuable role in your organization or you're missing the point. Our online business solution makes it easy to manage your website and run marketing campaigns, care for your customers and sell your products. Our all-in-one solution replaces 10+ tools that are essential for internet businesses with one, central console. This saves you time and money, while future-proofing your online business.


Postcards from Ignite prove that even in our digital age, the printed word still has great power. Direct mail has the ability to get your attention, inspire and excite. The tangible feel of a postcard in hand really inspires people to take action.

With today's Every Door Direct Mailing program, Ignite can help you zero in on your target market right down to choosing the specific neighborhoods and even streets that receive your postcards.

The team at Ignite can assist you in strategizing, printing and mailing postcards. Don't wait for prospects to find you. Be proactive and go after them with postcards.



No matter how digital our world becomes we'll never truly replace great printed materials to bring to a meeting. The look, feel and quality of what you bring to the table is easily as important as the ideas and services you bring with you to the meeting. What you say is important, but your printed materials are the first glimpse a customer gets at what you actually DO versus what you say. The professionals of Ignite can help you look your best and have your collateral live up to the quality of your offerings.



Anyone can buy an ad or put up a billboard. But what if an ad isn't the best way to promote your offering? Or maybe you're not sure what aspect of your business you should be promoting in the first place? That's where Ignite can step in to help make sure your marketing and advertising budgets are being spent in the right place and on the right things. We can work with you to develop a marketing compaign that meets the exact needs and goals of your business.



Planning and executing a special event can be overwhelming. But the professionals of Ignite are here to make your life easier. Whether it's a business presentation to your vendors, a festival or a grand opening, Ignite can help you from concept all the way down to the smallest details.



Mobile use of the internet is exploding and your company's brand needs to keep pace to continue to connect with consumers where they are. Ignite can help you understand how to connect with your customer base via web apps, mobile websites, and more. This unique medium allows you to interface with people in a very intimate and private space: their cell phones. When executed properly this can be a very fun and profitable way of making your customers happy.


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